Matt 'The Stiff Dylans' Harris

Matt Stiff Dylan! One of the coolest British people! The Bassist of The Stiff Dylans. The Stiff Dylans is a band coming from Brighton, UK. The members of The Stiff Dylans are James Flannigan, Matt Harris, Charlie Wride, and Tom Slaytor. The band got famous after being featured in one my fave movies "Angus, Thongs and the Perfect Snogging", which starred by Mr. Aaron Johnson.

You know, right! All of the media in the world were posting the news about "Osama bin Laden is Dead" yesterday. Nah, Matt, he was also tweeting something about the overwhelming celebration of the news. He tweeted:

"I'm genuinely confused by todays celebrations. I mean sure, I won't miss the guy, but celebrating? REALLY? doesn't that make us just as bad?", 

"To most of the reply tweets I just had, I believe killing one leader doesnt end terrorism, & "celebrating" a death is slightly inhuman to me"

"Some good replies coming in.
But I realise I might feel differently if someone I knew personally had died in 9/11 attacks. #itsallrelative"

"Lots of people asking why US aren't using Bin Laden's body as proof. The geneva agreement prohibits the use of bodies in public or pictures."

All I knew before was "Matt and James of The Stiff Dylans' hobbies were srewed at night till dawn". 

Now, my perspective towards Matt is changing. I think, his brain is amazing! Awesome!
That's why, I tweeted him last night by tweeting 

"Ouh my God.. I'm in love with @mattstiffdylan , but I feel sleepy now... GMT +7"

And, when I woke up in this morning, I found that he replied my tweet. Thought it was just ordinary words, it meant to me.


Thanks, Matt, anyway. I know you are an Unemployed Entrepreneur. I wish someday You, James and The Stiff Dylans are able to join the major label. You had a turn for something, especially commentating on the latest news, such as Royal Wedding or Osama bin Laden :D, beside your musical talent.


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