Page 2 of 366

Page 2 of 366. It is actually one of world wide trending topic on Twitter today. 

It has meaning that we had passed the time on 2012 for two days. 2012 is a leap year so this year has 366 days.

Hmm, during these two days, what have you got? 

Well, today is my first day of school after two weeks off. I went home at 10 o'clock. I got Nasi box. It contained pepes kakap, an orange, krupuk, cucumber and sambal. It's so delicious. I got it from Mr. Darmanta, PA's teacher. He celebrated it as a form of thankful to God for his one year certification's fund has been out. 

I also got the salary :) You know laahh, today is the beginning of month. Alhamdulillah yaahhh.... something, but I haven't lunch and dinner yet. The weather was not supporting this day. The sky was so dark and I was afraid and really lazy to go out from home. So, I'm hungry. I'm starving. I have nothing to eat. I don't have Indomie or eggs or tempe or stuffs to fill my stomach. Well, I have something to eat but those don't make my stomach full. Just snacks. Those are gurilem from my friend because she got back from Bandung, Tao Kae Noi, raisin in my fridge and an orange.

Seriously, I'm hungry. 

Page 2 of 366 = I'm hungry.

Please, send me Nasi Belut Sambel Ijo quickly!!!

By the way, I want to improve my cooking skills in 2012. Please, support me, Peepz!

I love you....... :)

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