Happy Birthday, my Ibu'!

Me & My Ibu' in 2007 :)
17 February is my Mom's birthday, I always call her 'Ibu'. My Ibu' is an amazing person in my life. Nothing can compare her affection towards me in my whole life! She raises me with her full of affection, her love, her patience, but yeah I know, sometimes I made her sad. I haven't made her proud yet. I promise Ibu', InsyaAllah this year, I'll do my best effort to finish my thesis paper, my one and only step to make you proud of 'have-a-daughter-like' me. 

I'm sorry Ibu', as your first child, I haven't help your burden out yet, though I know you didn't need it. As your daughter, I want to give you a bit of my earnings, but my earnings in each month is only enough to fulfill my daily needs. Someday Ibu', I'll prove it!

Ibu', I miss your cooking. I miss your everything, I miss you. I have to fly across the sea to step to another island if I have to meet you. I always love when you come here to visit your daughter, though it's just once in a year.

Happy Birthday, Ibu'! Arin always loves you, no matter what, more than ever. Ibu, barakallahu fiik, :)

PS. I only sent her an SMS, then she replied it hehe I do want to give her my birthday present to her. I'll do it, Ibu! I'm sure! ^^

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