What is Love....

Started by yesterday, when HE came to my home, there's a commercial break on TV about Valentine Day. I said to him, 'what the hell is that?', and he said, 'I want to give my affection everyday. do you want if I give you affection once in a year?, Valentine is everyday!' but I said, 'I never refuse if you give me a bar of chocolate, that's delicious' (What a girl! haha no one can refuse the taste of chocolate, except if they get a toothache :P) then, when we went to mart yesterday, he bought me this! After I pointed my fingers at it,

Actually, I always can't answer every question which comes from his mouth, about his feeling towards me. I only said, 'You know it, I have not to say that'. I love him ya know (though I never say it to him directly, I know, he will not read this blog in a short future, because he doesn't know it yet :D)

Back to the title, when I typed "Love" on Google serach engine, there's a site which really caught my eyes. It is Love Calculator. There, if you want to find out what the chances for you and your dream partner are, just fill in both full names (both first and last name) in the two text boxes, and press Calculate. The site asked us: 'Please enter the two names to be analyzed:". Then I filled my name in the box and HIS NAME in another box, I pressed 'Calculate!', so, here was the result!

I can't believe it, the result was only 10%! There said our relationship might not work out. It could not be possible. Fortunately, I was just doing it for fun. Hehe, 

For my You (if you read it later)! You don't have to be upset. We make our relationship well all this time, though sometimes I acted too exaggerate if you didn't reply my SMSs, or your number wasn't active. Yes, it because you are 40 miles away from me. Maybe I always 'miss' you. It makes me unsteady if I didn't hear or know about you (Lebaayyyyyy!!!! hahahaha).

OK, continue! Love. I found the explanation about love, here! Some people said that:

Love is Sharing
Love is Talking
Love is Spending Time Together
Love is Faithfulness
Love is Being Friend
Love is Looking Together in the Same Direction

But for me, love is the feeling when you love someone you do not know the reason why you  love them. That's LOVE! 

Just spread love and peace in the world everyday! So, love will around you!



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