Survey! Part 1

Setelah berkunjung ke blog orang-orang, hehe kemaren gak sengaja nemu survey, pertamanya gue copy paste aja di word document, tapi gue lupa gak nyantumin di blog siapa dapet survey-nya. Gak papa ahh, buat seru-seruan ini, to know me well laah...

1. Your nickname? Arin.
2. Three things near me are speaker, books (oops that’s a lot), laptop.
3. I am addicted to molen isi tape.
4. My weirdest fear is towards If my friends are trying to make me scared with their scary story.
5. I cuss If there’s something happened and I don’t like it.
6. I can't live without my cellphone.
7. Drinking is a daily need.
8. The thought of being married relieve.
9. My pets are hmm spiders, ants, small lizards, hehe I don't have any pets.
10. I can't stop listening to On Your Side (album) by A Rocket To The Moon (now).
11. My favorite color is Blue. And Orange.
12. My favorite word is ihiir.
13. My natural hair color is black.
14. I update status repetitively.
15. I will never ever go out from home without bringing my cellphone.
16. I can't stand If I see many girls or adult women with their hot pants and they have no good looking legs and thighs.
17. I rather put on my iPod than hearing I don’t have any iPod.
18. I sometimes want to kill fussy people who only talk something bad about other persons even it is their friends.
19. My biggest annoyance is towards Public Display Affection, in front of my eyes!.
20. Biggest FAIL story I heard so far is I think, I never heard about it yet, and I don’t want to hear about somebody’s biggest fail.
21. I can't choose between Diqi and Haqi (my twin students).
22. Weirdest obsession I have is at weighing my body,  then I know it is 42!!! instead of 37 hiks.
23. I don't want to ever be Kafir! (Because I'm a Moslem! since I was born till forever!)
24. I want people who only talk about their self and their love life on and on to just shut up. (but I always do that to my friends hehe)
25. Name a thing you hate about Facebook: the Poke feature.
26. Name a thing you hate about Twitter: Twitter is overcapacity.
27. My childhood hero is Kotaro Minami.
28. The part of my body that I love the most is my fingers.
29. I am very proud of having an amazing brain. Because of that, I can think many things :D
30. I can be suddenly sad when my phone is not working as usual (and I don't know where you are, how you are, ahh hehe).

Itu dulu, sekarang, kalo kalian yang baca mo copy paste trus di edit boleh kok, :) 

With love,


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