Yeahhh I Saw Aleks Vrteski again (w/ my B)

Yesterday, I watched one of LPI's game: Real Mataram vs SOLO FC at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Jogjakarta. Hehehe, for the sake of my promise to Aleks Vrteski, if they said birthday wish to me, I'll go to Maguwoharjo Stadium to watch the game. I did it!

The ticket at that stadium was so cheap. We only took @ Rp. 20.000/a piece in a closed tribune. It's different if we watched the LPI's game at Manahan Stadium, Surakarta. The ticket for:

VVIP = Rp.100.000
VIP = Rp. 50.000
Red or blue closed tribune = Rp. 30.000 (I usually bought it)
West Tribune = Rp. 15.000
North or South tribune = 10.000

Ya Allah, I saw him, I saw Aleks Vrteski! He wore yellow costume and yellow goalkeeper gloves. He looked so fat. His ass!!! Oh My God, what is the English of "midut midut"??? Is it BLOATED? I think he feel at home here, especially in Solo City. I know that he and his mate David Micevski usually eat at O-Solo-Mio cafe, one of western cuisines in Solo City. But, It is not impossible if they also eat in some of local fast food, right? I can't imagine, what makes Aleks looked so fat! What did he eat? I'm envy! Because I eat a lot, sometimes, not regularly, and my body still thin.

I told him via twitter. I tweeted him:

hihi, I was sure that he would reply that tweet. And yeah he replied it by a single word, question word: "huh?" Hahahahahaha, I  know talking about body weight to foreign people is so impolite. I'm sorry Aleks, I didn't mean it. That's the way I care about you,,,

I don't care whether he fat or not, he still so sexy!!! Hihi, yeahh Aleks Vrteski!!!

The result of the game was 1 goal for Real Mataram and 1 goal for Solo FC. When the game almost twenty minutes would be over, the game was suspended a while because of rain so heavy which interfere the ball that kicked by the players. However a lot of supporters left the stadium. And I went home, my Bebeb brought me to the bus stopped first. The rained so heavy from morning till night in Jogjakarta yesterday.

Thank you my bebeb, for accompanying me a day in Jogjakarta, having lunch Ramen at Nikkou Ramen, sightseeing at Gramedia Bookstore of Ambarukmo Plaza, then watching the LPI Game especially Solo FC's game, yesterday.

The next SOLO FC game is in Manahan Stadium. It is SOLO FC vs Manado United on April 10th, 2011. I don't know, I'm going to watch or not :) Let's see!

Something passed on my mind: "I have to reduce my desire on having fun" :D The question is "Can I?"

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