Mario Maurer!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!

Ya Allah Almighty! Definitely in love with Mario Maurer!
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He acted as P'Shone in Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thailand Movie). Finally, I got the movie. My sista @KurniaW-Giiy gave it to me yesterday, before we went to Sunday Morning Recitation. And I played the movie twice in a day. You know, I brought the school's projector to my home. I played it in my room. I made a private cinema. Hehe but I forgot to take a picture to prove it to you :D

The movie was so romantic ever! I think, Indonesia didn't have a movie like it. I cried, when the main actress, Nam expressed her love to P'Shone. She said that she fell in love to him for 3 years but she got the unexpected answer. P'Shone had a girlfriend since a week ago. His girlfriend was P'Pin, his classmate. She didn't know that he loved her so much too. Ahhhh you better watch the movie by your self! Naturally Romantic! Read this post:, and you will get the link to download the movie.
This image was taken from here!

Mario Maurer was born in Bangkok, Thailand, December 4, 1988. It means he has a birthday yesterday. I tweet him, hmm just like this:
If you want to know the info about him, just click this!

I fall in love to him! I want to go to Bangkok, Thailand! I plan to go there with si bebeb! No matter what! Hahahahaha

I want to watch his other movies, such as Friendship, 4 Romance, Autumn Destiny, Bangkok Kungfu or Suddenly It's Magic which will release on 2012.

Oh Mario! I want to take some pictures with you.....

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