Friday, I'm in LOVE!

Today  is Friday, and I do love this day. Hehehe, Why? 
Just because of this sms:

"I want you to shower me with SMSs or phone calls, though you far away,so those make me feel calm..and I'm not asking you to visit me many times. For now. Bcoz u treat me like this, it's not my fault if I ask to meet you. It's just because I miss you.that's all."

At around 10:30 AM suddenly he called me while I taught my kiddoz. Hmm, I always afraid if I was just sending him a message and the content was what I felt toward him. He always called me! And I don't like to speak coz I cannot speak directly to talk about it. He is so fussy! and I am so taciturney! 

Yeah, he called me just to tell that he was in a bus on the way to visit me here and asked me to pick him up in Penggung Sub Terminal, he also told that he would do Friday Praying at Masjid Raya Al Muttaquun, at across of Prambanan Temple.

Haaaa!!!! Oh My God!!! I love it!!! I love it so much!!! Ok Bebeb, I did it!!!

Then, 1:15 PM he arrived at the terminal. What I was doing is SMILING when I met him.

I think, it was AWESOME!!!

He went back to Jogja at 5:15 PM. 

* hikz unfortunately, what made this night worse was Persib lost in their home match! Persib vs Persija! 2:3 T_T

* I am Bobotoh, and he is The Jak Mania! (AWESOME!)

Friday, I'm in LOVE!

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