The first time I saw soul was apart from the body (Read: sakaratul maut) was yesterday afternoon (March the First, 2011). After I went home from school, it's 3 PM, I ate chicken noodle. I bought it at Chicken Noodle stall near our school, but I ate it in home, in my auntie's house exactly.

When I almost finished my chicken noodle, suddenly, my uncle entered my auntie's house rashly. He asked my auntie, "did you get a phone call from Aunt Qom?", My auntie said, "No! Battery's of my cellphone was no good. What happened?". My uncle, "She asked us to go to her house, because Uncle Zuber (He was my poor grandpa's lil brother) was in a serious condition". I knew it, three weeks ago, he fell in the bathroom. Unfortunately, for that three weeks, I have not visited him yet (What a granddaughter!). Then, I completely finished my eating, my auntie changed her clothes, and we was there!

We directly entered grand Zuber's room, I saw  and I knew, I said in my heart, that was what an Islamic people called "sakaratul maut". That was around 3:30 PM. He's breathing was like choking up. Then, one of my uncle (a lot of my relatives were gathered there) said, "what about called a doctor to make sure about the condition?". All of us were agreed, we waited just for a moment, because the PKU (public health policlinic) was only near here. Then, my uncle brought the doctor. The doctor said that he could not be examined, his heartbeat could not be checked, his blood tension could not be measured, if the family gave permission to the hospital, he would be placed in ICCU, and he would stand for 3 or 4 days, but it's only making him sufferer. Because of those statements, we were agreed to just take care him over here instead of to the hospital. 

Times by times, minutes by minutes, second by second, we still saw the way he breathed. My relatives said verse by verse of Al Qur'an (I just spelled what I can). Then, one of my auntie said "his feet were cold". 

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon. His breathed was slower than before without choke. The only thing that still moved was only something beats in his neck (I don't know what it's name, you can feel it when you touch your right neck) and his mouth was opened. Slow slow slow. At 4:20 AM, he was gone. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. Grand Zuber passed away in the age of 75. He didn't have a wife, even child nor grandchild. We were only his sisters and brothers, nephews/nieces, grand nephews/grand nieces,

From that time, I believe, that our soul will be taken from the tip of foot to our mouth.

Grand, I know, you were very good person, the most patient people I've ever known. We love you. So, please! Ya Allah, put him on Your beautiful place in heaven! Amiin.

Full of condolences,

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