Survey! Part 2

I remember, my cousin tagged me this on April 17, 2009! OK, I'll type it!

Udah setahun lebih, kakak sepupu gue mas AN ngasih tag di blog gue yang satunya di sini! Tapi berhubung tuh blog di invasi ma orang China, terus design nya gak karuan karena gue utak utak, maka gue bikin lah blog ini :)

Nah, sekarang gue mau menuliskan apa aja yang dia tag.

Okay, here’s the rule : Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that, tag 7 people!

Here's the questions:
1. The age of next birthday

 -24- My mom got married when she was 23 years old. Gue?? Kapan???
2. Place I'd like to travel

-Mekkah (YEahh... Every Moslem wants to Haj Pilgrimage)

-Bogor (I want to go to Mekarsari Park!)

-Singapore (The nearest progress country! I have to go there one day!)
3. Favorite place (s)

-Book Store

I heart the blue paint :)
-My Bedroom (My bedroom is super duper messy! I wish, I have a clean and cool room to share with my hubby wannabe someday...hihi just like the bedroom above, amiiin)
4. Favorite food (s)

-Seafood (I don't eat anything with four feet. I'm a Half-Vegan hihi and Thanks Mom, since I was a child, You have giving me many kinds of Seafood for my nutrition :) so, I still like those a lot!

-Soto ayam (yeahhh, especially it is made by my mom! However, sometimes, when I feel hungry I just go to Warung Soto Ayam to eat. That's so satisfying my stomach hehe)
5. Favorite thing (s)

- My cellphone (Part of my life!)

-Book (I'm reading that book, now! Already bought it from Jendela Book Store. I'm collecting Meg Cabot's books. She's one of my Fave author. She's cool!)
6. Nickname I had

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), waww! That's what I got by Google Search Image!

-Arin (just call me ARIN! OK! :D
7. A favorite color

-Blue (If I see something color blue, it makes me calm. It's like when you see the blue sky, blue ocean, you feel peace, quite, cozzy. Awesome color!)
8. College Major (s)

-English Department (yeah I got my Bachelor Degree from that major in 2007)

Basic standard of Management

-Master of Education Management (Then, I continue this major to get my Master Degree, but Oh My God, I should finish my Thesis paper as soon as possible!!!)

9. Hobby

-online (Reading other people's status, updating status, interacting, etc Making me addicted!)

-Reading other people's blog (That makes me get inspirations, motivations, and also makes me want to write something in my blog)

-Reading books (It's like my second boyfriend!)
10. A bad habit

-Wasting time (but I think, It's not wasting time if we enjoy it, right??? hehe)-
11. My wish list

-I have to be graduated this year! So, I really want to make my parents proud of me... As soon as I can Bu', Bapak..yaa....

Marriage invitation...hehe

 -I want to get married (just wanting) :)))) Amiin amiin ya rabbal al amiin, what we typed is a praying isn't it????

Yeah That's Me!!! 

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